A wonderful podcast interview from Cut And Paste:

REVIEWS for Earworm

“The end of the play on opening night managed to feel like a concert where everyone knew the words and was singing along to a punk anthem, which is no small feat for a new play about a fictional song … an exciting, important, and entertaining new piece of theatre about how a song can change lives.” – Jacob Juntunen, KDHX

Earworm – KDHX review

“Clever … Cook has demonstrated her knack for playwriting with such gems as An Invitation Out, Music of the Goddess and others. For Earworm, she doubled not only as writer but also as the impish Song itself with a capital ‘S’ and an animated, in more ways than one, depiction of Candles Out.” – Mark Bretz, Ladue News

Earworm – Ladue News Review


REVIEWS for Music of the Goddess

“Cook’s story is fascinating and well worth stretching into a full-length play. It’s a humorous, compelling and intoxicating blend of history and fantasy, incorporating mythological figures and historic individuals into its intriguing tale.” – Mark Bretz, Ladue News

Ladue News review


REVIEWS for An Invitation Out:

“It is just astonishingly good, fall off your seat funny, and also has a great deal to say about the times … Shualee Cook is a rare bird: a playwright who can write in epigrams while still achieving a depth of character, quality storytelling, and a reach beyond mere cleverness.” – Charles Kruger, Theatrestorm

“Cook’s witty dialogue delivers biting insights, providing jokes and insights into how we live, now … It’s a humorous condemnation of our fantasy-based lives, using wit worthy of Oscar Wilde.” – Robert M. Gardner, Theatrius

“An astoundingly engaging and timely work…Playwright Shualee Cook has concocted a modern classic, with echoes of the past, that smartly conveys the world we’re headed toward…True brilliance is on display here.”- Chris Gibson, Broadway World

“The script hides profound truths behind the silliness and superficiality of human conventions. This visually stunning production combines fun and philosophy to produce a thoroughly entertaining social critique… Yet another fine work from St. Louis playwright Shualee Cook … I found myself struggling not to laugh so that I wouldn’t miss the next zinger.” – Robert Nickles, KDHX

An Invitation Out KDHX review

” An Invitation Out is unlike anything mounted on a local stage thus far in 2015 …  a wonderfully complex and fascinating journey into a troubled, vacuous future as conjured by playwright Shualee Cook.” – Mark Bretz, Ladue News

“(An Invitation Out) is big in every way: the size of its cast, the characters’ outlandish costumes, the generous imagination that playwright Shualee Cook poured into her vision of a neo-Victorian future … a clever, subtly disturbing vision” – Judy Newmark, Saint Louis Post-Dispatch

“Playwright Cook has created a fascinating and fully realized world here, populated by colorful characters who are often more than they first seem. There’s a surprising amount of depth … visually striking and at times funny, witty, challenging and even frightening.” – Michelle Kenyon, Snoop’s Theatre Thoughts

“Cook says her play is “a look at the future inspired by the past that would hopefully shed some light on the present.” “An Invitation Out”, though it runs a bit on the long side, hits this mark to a huge degree.” – Andrea Torrance, St. Louis Theatre Snob

REVIEW for Osgood Rex:

“An entertaining production of a clever and inventive script” – Chuck Lavazzi, KDHX

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