I Have a Blog! Let’s see if I actually use it …

Now that I have this fancy new website,  internet etiquette and common sense both cry out with one voice that I should really have a blog with which to convey current information, the status of various projects, personal factoids, etc. And since I am, in fact, a writer, you’d think that creating and maintaining said blog would be easy. But oh, dear reader, there you would have made a very grave hypothetical mistake.

One of the reasons why I write plays is because my brain does BIG very well.  Full length Greek Tragedy about 1920s cartoon characters written in verse? Check. Sprawling mashup of Lewis Carroll and Shakespeare? Workin’ on it. Give me 90 to 120 minutes to lay out a story, and I’m bouncing off the walls with ideas. Ask for a ten minute play, and … uhhhhhhhh. I got nothin’. I am both mystified by and envious of those gifted writers that can work in miniature, so the thought of jotting down short missives for a blog terrifies me. And, when terrified, I over-think, over-edit, and spend WAY too long trying to craft the words just right. Meanwhile, the very large portion of my psyche that is a raving workaholic gets immediately enraged that I’m spending so much time working at writing anything that is “NOT A PLAY”, and starts lobbing giant guilt bombs at my poor bedraggled inner editor. Chaos reigns, blood and dangling modifiers litter the  metaphorical streets, and that juicy tidbit about coffee and quiche with Someone Cool And Important remains unfinished.

But I’m going to try this time. Really try. We’ll see how far I get …


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