Cercle Hermaphroditos


In 1895 New York, trans man Ambrose Carlton finds a rare opportunity to beat the restrictively gendered system around him when he meets Laureline Reeves, founder of an underground social club for trans femmes known as the Cercle Hermaphroditos. Ambrose hopes to find a lady at the club he can legally marry, then play the roles expected of them in public while pursuing the life they want in private. But finding the proper match becomes more difficult than he expected, especially after the club is raided by police and the fragile safe place Laureline has created threatens to break apart for good. Based on true historical events.

Cast: 8 – 4 trans-f, 1 trans-m, 3 cis m

Cercle Hermaphroditos is the winner of the Parity Productions’ 2019 Parity Commission.

Read a ten page sample here: Cercle Hermaphroditos Sample

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